• Untold consequences of senioritis

    By Chris Reagan Staff Writer Every senior has had at least a small case of the epidemic known as senioritis, but what many don’t know are the consequences of slacking off after your first semester. While your brain might have shut down, college admissions are on high alert to spot potential problems with your second […]

  • Second semester proves to be no joking matter

    Frances Ruiz Staff Writer So these are the facts: It’s second semester; senior year. It’s about to be the fifth six weeks ( just one six weeks away from the glorious days of prom, senior awards and gradutation). Tests, projects, quizzes, home work and all other kinds of assignments are still coming at me and continue to pile up. While I can’t […]

  • Daphne’s Dilemma: Senioritis a new experience

    By Daphne Chen Last semester, I noticed a trend about myself. Something alarming. Unprecedented. Unacceptable. And yet, I never cared. After all, what kind of senior cares if his or her grades take a downward slide? And keep sliding? And keep sliding? I realized that I had just failed two quizzes in AP Macroeconomics and […]