• Ridiculous blown call costs Packers game, uproar over refs ensues

    Ridiculous blown call costs Packers game, uproar over refs ensues

    By Thomas Hair Opinions Editor Since the beginning of the NFL season, the familiar black and white uniforms of referees have dotted the field as usual, but with an unfamiliar set of faces occupying them. Hired by the NFL to officiate all of the games until an agreement can be reached with the normal, well-qualified […]

  • NFL Predictions: NFC Divisional Round

    By Thomas Hair Online Copy Editor The Dallas Cowboys are experiencing the NFL Playoffs from their sofas once again, but that has not prevented infectious postseason excitement from spreading throughout Coppell. The Wild Card round was full of excitement, highlighted by Tebow’s overtime magic lifting Denver over heavy favorites Pittsburgh. With four matchups pitting the league’s best teams and everything […]

  • Wisconsin Protests

    Chris Cummins Staff Writer Wisconsin Protests Protests seem to becoming a staple of world news in 2011. Egypt and Wisconsin, places once thought of as the most unlikely locations for any sort of populist movement, now find themselves with a population in uproar by unpopular government decisions, though the context of both situations is quite […]

  • Not all goes as planned for Super Bowl XLV

    Beth Anne Carroll Staff Writer Super Bowl XLV has finally come and gone. However, not everything went as smooth as North Texas would have liked. Despite the great game between the Steelers and Packers, the rest of Super Bowl weekend was a bit of a disappointment. Weather and seating issues may have ruined the Metroplex’s […]

  • Super Bowl commercials

    Chase Porter Staff Writer Super Bowl 45, which will be played in about two weeks, is sure to be a great game between the Stealers and Packers. But what if you don’t watch the Super Bowl for the game? For years the Super Bowl has been known for its commercials because it is the biggest […]