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Graphic by Christianna Haas. People more inclined to ignore the pain of others.

Turning the cheek results in guilty verdict for gossiping

By Alexandra Dalton staff writer @alex_dalton04   People like to believe that they do the best of their ability to be a good friend; teenagers being the ultimate representation of this. They will go to great lengths to make their sincerity appear on the surface yet behind closed doors they will laugh at the misery of others.   Kids in […]

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Once one door closes another one always opens. Graphic by Manu Garikipati and Josh Martin.

Teens’ identities dependent on their activities

By Alexandra Dalton staff writer @alexdalton04 Everyone has a different sport, club or hobby – a niche. This leads  one to select friend groups, lunch tables and study buddies. What makes high school high school and makes the school run so well is students are all able to share the same general experience, but everyone’s perception is different based on […]

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Graphic by Josh Martin

Unprepared teens choose life career

By Alexandra Dalton Staff Writer In today’s age, as a 16-year-old student, I am allowed to dictate what college I think fits me the best. If I were born on a leap day, I would be exactly four years old, pressured to take the world by storm but not allowed to decide on the president that might decide my future. I […]

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Racial ignorance hurts students, adults nationwide

By Pranathi Chitta Staff Writer Recently, I went to a Business Professionals of America (BPA) competition and I was quite surprised during the awards ceremony. When I was called onto the stage, the announcer failed to correctly pronounce my last name. She soon asked me to correct her and tell her how to pronounce it, which made me feel better, […]

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U.S. map shows status of marijuana decriminalization laws across the states; Colorado has become the first state to sell the drug for recreational use. MCT 2014

Economic factors: marijuana

By Alex Dalton Staff Writer Marijuana in Colorado is a controversial debate that has been ongoing since 2013 when the law passed to legalize the practice. Only behind Washington, Colorado is one of the first states to hop on this new trend. Texas conservatives are not on board with this new way to get our state in an economic balance […]

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