• Right, wrong can’t be applied to shape, size

    Right, wrong can’t be applied to shape, size

    By Kara Hallam Enterprise Editor @KaraHallam I pull up Facebook and my news feed fills with campaigns for body peace and body shaming. One thing out of all the posts suddenly catches my eye; it’s a photo of an extremely thin girl and overweight woman with the phrase “both of these are unhealthy and neither […]

  • Families fight obesity

    By Kara Hallam Staff Writer Taking 154 millions victims each year, obesity proves to be an addiction worse than that of drugs and alcohol. God did not make everyone skinny as sticks, or at least that is what my doctor told me when diagnosing me as overweight at 8 years old. As the youngest child […]

  • Coppell incorporates salad bars into cafeterias next year

    By Jordan Thompson Staff Writer The United Fresh Produce Association Foundation, a founding partner supporting the national Let’s Move! initiative to end childhood obesity has granted CISD with four salad bars which will be piloted in four elementary school cafeterias starting in the fall. If they are successful, then more will be purchased for the […]

  • How to make the drive-thru healthier

    Jordan Thompson Staff Writer One of the hardest things about becoming an adult, for me at least, is accepting the fact that junk food can no longer be as blissful of an indulgence as it used to be. It wasn’t until high school that I learned about the importance of calorie intake, and to be […]

  • Sidekick staff member featured on CNN

    Our very own business manager Addy Lopez got her question answered by Michelle Obama! Check it out on CNN! (It’s the second question)