• Holiday themed shirts provide hope for Africa

    By Christina Burke Features Editor Coppell High School’s very own Hope for Africa club has gathered together this holiday season in the name of giving. The club has been selling Ho-Ho-Hope for Africa shirts derived from the Christmas spirt that is beginning to overtake the students of CHS. The shirts serve a higher purpose than […]

  • New Tech@Coppell’s Hope for Africa club to host art auction

    New Tech@Coppell’s Hope for Africa club to host art auction

    By Erica Rohde Staff Writer In poverty-stricken Africa, kids are exposed to harsh conditions of starvation, illnesses, lack of family support and human trafficking. Because of New Tech@Coppell’s Hope for Africa Club, African kids have the opportunity to express themselves through their artwork. A group determined students from the executive board of the club are […]

  • Local club gives hope to African children

    Lauren Ussery Centerspread Editor Video By: Katie Kennedy and Kiley Bratton Halfway around the world, a little boy named Humphrey has the hope of a better life, thanks to Coppell High School’s Hope for Africa club. The club partnered with the Touch a Life Foundation, a Dallas-based organization, to sponsor 10-year-old Humphrey. Like many other […]

  • Hope for Africa brings new charity with smiling face

    Paige Wilson Staff Writer/ Ast. Business Manager Video by: Sophie and Christina Valdez As Homecoming ended the mums and guarders all go away except for little buttons with a bright face appear on shirts, bags, and mums. However there is a story of sadness and struggle behind that face that many people don’t know. That […]

  • First Hope for Africa meeting

    By Sammy Robben Staff Writer The Hope for Africa club had its first meeting of the year on Wednesday. The club has two new leaders, seniors Hannah Yates and Emily Fowler, that plan to make a few changes to the club. One of the major changes they talked about at the meeting was their new cause. […]