• Stewart ponders people’s love of horror

    Stewart ponders people’s love of horror

    By Kelly Stewart Opinions Editor SEATTLE – The killer slowly removes the blindfold from his victim’s head, revealing a terrified young man. He turns and looks pleadingly at his murderer as the hunter brings the chainsaw towards his face – … And the video cuts back to the director’s grinning face as he reiterates the […]

  • Sidekick students to mentor fellow journalists in media convergence

    Thomas Hair Staff Writer ANAHEIM, Calif. – For the hundreds of journalism students gathered at the Marriot Hotel for the JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention, Friday was an extremely busy day. It was the first full day of sessions, where knowledgeable professionals mentor the aspiring students on all aspects of journalism. The sessions continue […]

  • Journalist’s experience inspires students

    Key note speaker Laura Ling shares about her experience being held captive in North Korea and the importance of journalism in the world. Photo by Aditi Shrikant. Crossing the border into hostile North Korea is not something anyone would expect a sane person to do. Then again, Laura Ling is not a sane person: she’s […]

  • Ling inspires with story of experiences

    Kelly Stewart Staff Writer ANAHEIM, Calif. – On Saturday at the JEA/NSPA Nation High School Journalism Convention in Anaheim, well-known reporter Lisa Ling gave an enlightening speech on her life and how she came to be a journalist. “I thought [the speech] was really interesting,” centerspread editor Lauren Ussery said. “I mean, I see her on […]

  • Anaheim trip teaches staff about more than journalism

    Michelle Pitcher Opinions Editor ANAHEIM, Calif. – Whenever school clubs or teams go on a trip together, they always seem to return to the halls of CHS exhausted, slightly sunburned, but most importantly with a renewed sense of team pride. I have always felt truly uncomfortable when forced to do team-building exercises, and whenever I […]