• Biden, Ryan prepare for crucial Vice Presidential Debate

    By Thomas Hair Opinions Editor After a surprisingly impressive performance by Mitt Romney in the first Presidential Debate last Wednesday, the Vice Presidential Debate on Thursday has gained newfound importance. With Romney’s momentum surging this week, it will be a chance for the Barack Obama campaign to win back some confidence. However, a strong performance by […]

  • What CHS students know about the Republican Primaries

    What CHS students know about the Republican Primaries

    By Kelly Stewart Opinions Editor Although strange to consider, many of the seniors at CHS have indeed reached the age so they can vote in the next republican primary and election. But how much do these students really know about the candidates? Are they thinking about voting for a certain candidate based on merit, or […]

  • Politics, Schmolitics

    Maddie Walters Staff Writer “The Left prides itself on being inclusive and accepting of all of life’s diversities, while at the same time smearing their ideological opponents—reacting to their very valid (I would say commonsensical) ideas with nothing but contempt, sarcasm and often misinformation.” Well, okay then. As a self-proclaimed lefty, I’d have to say […]