• Mixed signals about cell phone use in classrooms

    By Jay Carroll Staff Writer At the beginning of each school year, students go to their classes for the first time to meet their new teachers and receive a syllabus. At this time, students are told each teacher’s cell phone policy – some lackadaisical and others extremely strict. Cell phones are a part of students’ […]

  • Academy biology classes take the classroom outside

    By Chase Porter Staff Writer Today, February 28th, Ms. Richardson’s classes are taking their learning outside of the classroom. While walking through the halls I couldn’t help but notice a large group of freshmen walking down the halls with nets and buckets. Obviously a strange sight for a school, I asked Ms. Richardson, their teacher, […]

  • Distractions during the school day

    By Chase Porter Staff Writer While analyzing a normal school of mine I realize that I am distracted from what I am actually supposed to be doing the majority of the time. Just think fellow classmates, what really distracts you while your at school? What do I consider to be the biggest distraction during my […]

  • Racism in the classroom

    Kimberly Del Angel Staff Writer One word, three syllables, thousands of implications: racism. How can it be right under our noses and why do we often do nothing about it? Many students see and experience racism daily, with it going overlooked or unacknowledged most of the time. The reason is an aggravating mystery. We live […]