• Cell phones serve as plague to social interaction

    Cell phones serve as plague to social interaction

    By Kristen Shepard Editor-in-Chief It is a Saturday night in the middle of summer. A group of nine of my friends and I sit around a table at Parma’s Italian Restaurant to celebrate a friend’s birthday that we have been planning to celebrate together for weeks. Everything about the night leads to a potential for […]

  • Mixed signals about cell phone use in classrooms

    By Jay Carroll Staff Writer At the beginning of each school year, students go to their classes for the first time to meet their new teachers and receive a syllabus. At this time, students are told each teacher’s cell phone policy – some lackadaisical and others extremely strict. Cell phones are a part of students’ […]

  • Today’s tech

    Today’s tech

    By Sarah Police Staff Writer Let’s go back to the time when kids went outside to play for the love of the game. They would play for hours and hours without keeping score- just playing with each other and having fun. This generation, children are helping Tiny Wings soar the sky and assisting Phineas and […]

  • Laptops become a backpack necessity

    Why tediously record notes on paper when you can type them? Is it necessary to email work to someone when you can just give them your flash drive? And why use the dictionaries in your English class when Google operates in a matter of seconds? While NTH@C emphasizes the use of technology to as paramount, CHS […]

  • Recycling Club offers to dispose of old cell phones

    Kelly Stewart Staff Writer Any student wishing to get rid of an old cell phone can give them to the recycling club, where they can dispose of them in an environmentally-friendly way. The CHS Recycling Club can make sure that cell phones are recycled properly. According to NPR, Americans trash about 130 million cell phones […]