3D Movies, the good, the bad, and the unacceptable

3D Movies, the good, the bad, and the unacceptable

By Tanner McCord
Staff Writer

At the end of almost every movie trailer, you see the words “Real 3D,” which to me, are quite unfortunate. Even worse, some movies being created now are exclusively in 3D. What next, 4D? Actually, it has already been done, Spy Kids 4 had a scratch and sniff interactive card with the purchase of your ticket and 3D glasses.

At Vista Ridge, a student ticket for a standard movie is $7.50, for 3D they are $11.50. Hollywood Theater on MacArthur’s prices begin at $9.50 and jump to $12.50 in 3D. And if you want to make the drive to Grapevine Mills, you can expect to pay $7.50 for standard and whip out another $3 for 3D.

Movies created in 3D are not all bad, though; there are a lot of people who enjoy the experience and thus far. The Disney movies recreated in 3D have been a huge hit among those seeking some nostalgia.

Lion King 3D, released Sept. 16, 2011, ended up being the highest grossing movie that week and finished in the top grossing spot for all of September. Beauty and the Beast 3D is currently in theaters, and Disney plans on rereleasing several more updates of their most popular movies.

Other big names are hopping on the 3D bandwagon, as the Star Wars series in 3D will begin their releases on Feb. 10 with the rerelease of Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace.

That is a problem. Perhaps it is my bias as a male, but I grew up watching Disney movies and Star Wars movies, and I think enough damage has already been done to the original Star Wars trilogy with the revisions made to release the classics on DVD. Also, due to the difference in audience, I think the Star Wars movies will not be as widely accepted as the Disney remakes.

Let us not forget about the Titanic 3D remake, which will no doubt be forgettable. I personally think all of these movies being remade is just wrong. To start, remakes do not do the original movie justice very often. On top of that, I do not think that very many people would be willing to tack on the extra $4 and headache that comes with 3D movies.

I do think 3D has the opportunity to enhance the movie experience, but it really depends on whether or not the movie was actually filmed for 3D or animated for such, like the very successful Avatar movie in 2009. Movies should be viewed the way that the producers intended them to be, not poorly converted to add to the existing expense of movies.

Now I am no professional movie critic and your preference in movies is purely opinion, but to me, 3D seems like more a ploy for money than an attempt to legitimately improve the movie-goer’s experience.

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