Laptops become a backpack necessity

Why tediously record notes on paper when you can type them? Is it necessary to email work to someone when you can just give them your flash drive? And why use the dictionaries in your English class when Google operates in a matter of seconds?
While NTH@C emphasizes the use of technology to as paramount, CHS also inhibits an increasing reliance on Macs and smartphones. Freshman year, I had maybe one or two teachers who weren’t finicky about electronics-the others were not afraid to keep it for the rest of the day, maybe even send it to the office. My junior year has blessed me with the privilege of having a schedule that only consists with cell-phone friendly teachers. However I do not believe it is luck, it is more so the result of an evolving culture permeating through CHS walls.
Students like me can agree that phones serve more purposes besides texting. Teens are considered ‘natives’ to technology though, and adults are dubbed the ‘pioneers.’ Therefore, their understanding of smartphones and other resources will take experience and patience. It is probable that next year will be even more of advancement for CHS.

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