Rangers and Cowboys

By Chase Porter
Staff Writer

I have a love, hate relationship with the Dallas professional sports teams. It seems like when one team is up the others are down.

The Rangers are on an excellent playoff run gaining their first playoff advancement.. ever. After defeating the Ray’s they are now one win away from defeating the Yankees and going to the World Series. Unfortunately the Rangers pitchers the past few games have been walking people and the Rangers manager has been calling the bull pen more and more. The Rangers play the Yankees tomorrow night in game 6 and the Rangers lead the series 3 to 2. I really don’t care about winning the World series as much as actually getting there and that’s why I just want to say the Rangers better put Cliff Lee in!

Amidst the Rangers best performance in the history of baseball, America’s team, the Cowboys are going down the drain. The Wowboys, as i like to call them are now in the middle of their season and have a terrible record of 1- 4. Basically, you could say the Cowboys attempt to complete a winning season is not possible and we can probably say goodbye to a playoff run. I think I’m going to start cheering for the Ravens.

Dallas sports will probably always be up and down but at least we can hope for a winning basketball season from the Mavericks, right?

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