Plunging into the new year

Nothing screams dedication more than Coppell football fans. They enter the stadium decked out in school colors, cheer at the top of their lungs and proudly put their guns up – or, in Cody Cammack’s case, a plunger.  

Honor is not the first word which comes to many people’s mind when they hear the word ‘plunger’, but Coppell High School has turned an object used for unclogging into an object used for uniting. Coppell has managed to reinvent the plunger. Its new purpose? To be held by Coppell’s very own Plunger Boy and ignite the pride of CHS’ cowboys.

Plunger Boy has been around for 12 years and gives further explanation for why the rivalry with Southlake Carroll runs so deep. Back in 1998, Coppell was playing Southlake Carroll in football when some Dragons fans began to make comments about how Coppell residents are “trailer trash”. In response, the senior boys went out and bought overalls and straw hats. Luke Pierson, a senior in the class of 1998, showed up to the next game dressed as a plumber carrying the plunger to cheer on the Cowboys.

From then, on it has been tradition for the current Plunger Boy to pass the plunger when they graduate. This year’s pick: Cammack.

“It’s a big honor for Coppell [students],” Cammack said. “It means I’m looked at as someone who [not only] has spirit at games, but I’m also a leader.”

As Coppell’s Plunger Boy, it is Cammack’s duty to get Friday night football lovers hyped up. He can be found at pep rallies getting students prepared for the game and leading the Silver Spurs in their touchdown celebration after a big score. No matter where he is, the Plunger Boy is constantly trying to encourage school spirit and be an example of what CHS is all about.

“The Plunger Boy pumps up the crowd, making the entire team have a more fun time playing,” Junior left tackle Sam Rice said.

Plunger Boy is held to the school’s core principles and must always display integrity and respect. On the official plunger, there is a list of signatures from all previous position holders as a reminder of the legacy the current Plunger Boy is expected to live up to.

“I don’t want to be like the normal Plunger Boy,” Cammack said. “I want to get more involved. I’m looking forward to getting creative and trying to do cool stuff at pep rallies.”

Cammack was given a folder when he received the honor of being Plunger Boy, full of rules and top-secret information when it comes to the tradition. Some of the rules include never allowing any impersonations to Plunger Boy, carrying the plunger to all football games and making sure whoever has the plunger is ultimately responsible at all times for its safety.

But nothing compares to Coppell’s good luck superstition: the more girls that kiss the rubber part of the plunger, the luckier it becomes. Over the years the plunger has been kissed over 2,000 times.

Payton Porter, last year’s Plunger Boy, passed down the plunger to Cammack and believed that he was best suited for the honor.

“I chose Cody because he is a blast to be around,” Porter said. “He’s funny, crazy and loves Coppell High…Cody is an all-around great guy and is a model for Coppell High School spirit.”

Although Cammack is not yet sure of who he will be passing the plunger down to, he is looking for a candidate full of spirit and leadership. For now, he is just excited to get the year kicked off and the football season started.

“Get ready to be plunged,” Cammack said.

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