Arguably the best use of the internet: Chatroulette

By Angela Almeida
Opinions Editor

I have an addiction. It requires at least roughly an hour a night and rarely leaves my thought process. It is called Chatroulette, a phenomenon I have succumbed too.

So, for those of you unaware, Chatroulette is essentially a global chatroom which allows you to connect with people from all faces of the globe. It requires no login name or service fee.

Personally, I have conversed with people from Russia, Ecuador, Northwestern and someone in their “grandmother’s attic.” Ties have been forged with these dubbed “strangers” and my global networking continues to soar.

The other day, I met a guy from Vermont. He appeared on my screen, clad in a lumber jack-esque hat, sitting next to a lawn gnome. He was supposedly a writer and sent some of his work. My best friend and I got to see his apartment, skies and a virgin suicide poster on his wall. After forty minutes, we said au revoir and moved on to a couple from Ecuador.

Warning: Explicit content has been known to appear on this site. For age and maturity concerns, unless you are willing to see less clothed individuals in more compromising positions, do not venture here.

Overall, my addiction continues to fester. My goal is to connect with at least 100 different countries before the end of the year. Seeing as my obsession has yet to stop, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

To visit chatroulette go here:

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