Where’s a great restaurant for homecoming?

By Rebecca Neumann

Staff Writer

As long as there has been a homecoming dance, there has been a dilemma faced by all party-goers: Where is the perfect place to eat before-hand?

The restaurant is a very important part of the homecoming event. The time to talk and laugh with your friends is at dinner because at the dance everyone will, obviously, be dancing.

There are a certain set criteria to meet when it comes to the ‘homecoming restaurant’, the most important of which is that it must be formal, but not too expensive.

Wendy’s is way too casual while the Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Reunion Tower is way too expensive. A perfect balance must be made between the two.

For example, one perfect place to go for homecoming dinner is Macaroni Grill in Lewisville. It’s nearby, not too expensive, formal and tasty.

If you would rather not have Italian, I would suggest Outback Steakhouse. Just stay away from the Bloomin’ Onions unless you want to scare off your date.

If you would rather eat someplace more formal, eat at Cantina Loredo. They have some of the best chips and salsa ever.

But really, the most important part of homecoming is the people you are with. So when you choose a restaurant, make sure everyone has input. It doesn’t matter how perfect the restaurant is, if your friends aren’t speaking to each other, you aren’t going to have much fun.

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